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Biblical Comments

The Psalms: Songs of Faith and Praise--The Revised Grail Psalter


Abbot Gregory J. Polan, OSB

What is significant about this revision of the 1963 Grail Psalms? The translation bears the distinction of being a "liturgical psalter." It differs in some points from many recent translations of the Bible. It takes the Hebrew text of the psalms as its base for translation, but because it is specifically intended for liturgical use, other cultural and historical factors have a bearing on particular formations.

The introductions to each of the psalms in this edition have been written for anyone who might wish to cultivate a deeper spiritual understanding of this "prayer-book of the Bible." No advanced technical knowledge of exegesis or historical-critical method is necessary. While these introductions do impart information culled from biblical scholarship, they seek to express those ideas in a language geared both to intellectual understanding and spiritual appreciation.

An additional feature of this edition is a psalm-prayer following each of the psalms. These prayers are intended to bring the readers full circle in their experience by reiterating some of the themes and images of the particular psalm in a way that brings them into his or her current spiritual practice.

ISBN : 9780809148820

Format : Paperback

Number of pages : 416