Immaculate Supplies

Ice Melt

Ice Melt Crystals - Extreme Temperatures

  • Anti-Corrosion Formula - CMA Blend
  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting
  • L ess harmful to vegetation and grass
  • Blue for consistent visual distribution
  • Consistent Granulation
  • Free flowing
  • Safer to handle

Rock Salt - Ice Melter

  • Economical and effective ice melter
  • Natural Rock Salt
  • Optimally sized granules for maximum performance
  • Flows freely through commercial spreaders

Ice Melt Crystals - Effective to -22ºC

  • Generates heat quickly for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature of Polar Thunder to -22ºC.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe on Concrete, Interlock and Vegetation
  • Non-Tracking
  • Blue Marker Dye assures visible, complete coverage