Immaculate Supplies

Laundry Detergent & Softener

INO wash 1 is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent that cleans and freshens all washable fabrics. Its controled sud formula is safe on all washable fabrics and works well in both hot and cold water. INO wash 1 is ideal for frontal load washer and can be used in conventional machine. Minimal capacity : 160 complete loads by 4 litres of INO WASH 1

INO wash 150 is concentrated laundry detergent powder that offers excellent performance value. It is a phosphate-free and biodegradable formulation with lemon fresh scent.

  • Sort.
  • Select temperature and wash cycle.
  • Add 120gr./load and wash cycle. Use 250 gr./load for extra-large loads or heavily soiled clothes.
  • Add clothes.

Disinfectant for hard surfaces and algicide/bactericide for pools.