Immaculate Supplies

Floor Finish

This brilliant, high gloss floor finish will give your floors an appearance that everyone will stop and admire! Setting the standard for today’s modern floor coverings, this acrylic, thermo-plastic finish provides the optimum in durability and wear. Essentially a non-buff formula, it is easily maintained using a variety of maintenance procedures including spray buff and mop-on restorers followed by high-speed burnishing. Designed with superior leveling properties, it is easy to apply and flows smoothly for the ultimate in gloss. This finish has excellent slip resistant qualities and is easily removed with either conventional or no-rinse strippers.

This floor finish is a non-yellowing, low-maintenance formula that offers industry-leading black mark and scuff resistance. Applies easily, levels nicely and dries to a deep gloss. Zinc-free, APEO-free and phthalate-free finish. Ultra-low 1.0% VOC content meets California's 2011 standard. Ammonia-free, low odor. Combination seal and finish. Fast-drying – 20 minutes under normal conditions. Large area coverage – up to 3,000 sq. ft. per gallon. Green Seal certified.

25% solids floor finish. INO gloss 1 floor finish is specifically designed to offer a maximal protection and wear durability in a low maintenance plan. This formula custom-made for high traffic while maintaining a superior gloss.

The INO gloss 2 floor finish was formulated with a new double polymer technology that combines an unequalled shine, improved durability and a response to polishing that is ideal for all types of cleaning and maintenance programs. INO gloss 2 PRESTIGE has 32% solids and therefore allows to save time up to 50% in regards to the application of cheaper floor finishes. It delivers an instant shine that becomes more and more intense and resistant each time it is polished. By following the instructions, the product can be used on Terrazzo or any other resilient floors such as: vinyl, asbestos, linoleum, asphalt and rubber.

INO gloss 4 Multi-Speed Floor Finish and Sealer is a combination sealer and finish that dries quickly and shines without buffing. This combination product is detergent-resistant, black scuff mark resistant, and can be spray buffed or burnished. Use on resilient floors, terrazzo and honed marble.

INO gloss 5 Ultra High-Speed Floor Finish is an ultra high speed floor finish that delivers superb “wet look” appearance for high traffic floors that are frequently burnished. It is highly responsive to high speed burnishing without powdering and exhibits excellent scuff, scratch and heel mark resistance.

INO gloss 6 high solid floor finish is designed to provide a very good protection with fewer coats. This formula combines high gloss transparency and is easy to use in one. This special finish has been developed for a low maintenance program but can be burnished and restored easily. INO gloss 6 will never turn yellow over time and will protect treated surfaces from scarf and scratches. This product is expressly designed for areas such as lobbies, show rooms and retail stores.

Untouchable® with Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT™) is a low odor, black heel mark resistant floor finish that is an exceptional choice for those who want the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor. Untouchable® with SRT™ is non-scuffing, durable, detergent resistant and maintains its high gloss with minimal burnishing, a real labor saver. Suitable for use on all floors; this finish performs exceptionally well with either spray buffing or high speed buffing. Excellent leveling and low odor makes it easy to apply.