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Floor Cleaner

Heavy Duty Daily Floor Cleaner

Designed for floors which are frequently burnished, this product will quickly and completely remove deeply embedded soils.

This floor finish restorer cleans and restores gloss in one simple operation. Whether applied with an automatic scrubber or the damp mopping method, the product leaves a thin coating that can be burnished to a «wet look» shine. This ecological product removes scuffs and black heal marks restoring the original depth of gloss to finish applied to vinyl, vinyl composites, rubber tiles and other types of resilient floors. This floor finish restorer is a logical choice for health and safety and is preferable for the environment.

INO gloss 7 Spray buff leaves floor with a high gloss. Cleans, shines and removes black heel marks, tar and dirt, and scratch marks.

Neutral Daily Floor Cleaner Concentrate

This Neutral Daily Floor Cleaner is a concentrated, synthetic detergent for use on any water-safe, hard-surface. When used as directed, this mild cleaner will emulsify and suspend dirt and grime from table tops to floors; from spray bottle to autoscrubber. This highly versatile XBF* enhanced product is guaranteed never to dull, haze or leave a film, enhancing glossy floors and other hard surfaces. Very little product is needed to achieve excellent results, keeping end use cost-per-gallon at a minimum.

Neutral Daily Floor Cleaner Concentrate

This 100% synthetic detergent with a neutral pH of 7 has been developed to complement the technology of today's super high-gloss floor finishes. When used as directed, it will thoroughly wet, emulsify and suspend soil from highly polished floor surfaces without attacking the gloss of the floor. Guaranteed to never dull, haze or leave a film. XBF optical brightener is incorporated into this formulation to enhance the super high shine of highly polished floors. Super concentrated, this product provides a low end use cost per gallon.

Floor Neutralizer and Cleaner. Ice Melt Remover

Formulated with neutralizing agents and surfactants to both penetrate and clean tough soils and neutralize common ice melt ingredients, such as sodium and magnesium chloride. Ideal for conditioning floors after stripping and before coating. No need for a two step process, neutralize and clean in one simple step. This amazing product leaves practically no residue.