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Carpet Maintenance


The process of removing some stains may require the use of highly acidic products. These stains may include rust, coffee, tea, red juice stains and many others. It is important to neutralize this acidic pH and return carpets to a near neutral pH. This not only protects the carpet from long term attack by the acids, but also guards against individuals coming into contact with treated carpeting and developing a reaction to cleaning materials left in the carpeting.

This product contains liquid bacteria which digest odor causes at their source. Completely removes odors from vomit, blood, urine, smoke, pet odors and more. Specialized liquid bacteria produce enzymes which eliminate the source of the odors, and the bacteria continue producing enzymes until the source is eliminated. Special O3Z malodor counteracting proves instantaneous neutralization of odors and leave a pleasant fragrance. This product can be used as a performance booster in cleaning and pre-spray applications. Powerful enzyme action helps break down oily materials quickly and assists in deodorizing the surface being cleaned.

Quickly and easily removes chewing gum, candle wax and other gummy substances. The fast freezing action of this gum remover simplifies clean up, simply spray on gum until frozen solid and pop off gum with a putty knife. May be used on most surfaces. No other product will work as fast or as effectively.

Oily, sticky or waxy materials can be most difficult to remove from carpet and upholstery. This special product utilizes natural, citrus solvents, that are highly effective at removing most common oil-based stains, paint, gum and waxy materials. Once the staining material is removed, rinse with water for more effective cleaning and removal of all soil types.

This highly concentrated product is formulated for maximum performance. As a concentrate it is very effective against stubborn stains from coffee, tea, urine, fruit juices, red wine and red soft drinks. When diluted this same product is excellent for general debrowning of carpet caused by alkaline detergent residue, soaps or detergents. And finally, as a post extraction rinse, this product neutralizes any alkalinity or detergent residue left behind to help prevent future browning.

This easy-to-use, all-purpose carpet spotter combines detergent and deodorant technology to remove the most stubborn spots and stains.

  • Quickly unlocks soil from fibers.
  • Versatile - Removes most common stains.
  • An effective spotter for use in health care setting against betadine and iodine stains.

This thickened gel formulation delivers powerful solvent cleaning action right to the desired location. Because it is a gel, it clings to the stain to provide longer contact time for improved stain removing performance. The natural solvents are very effective at removing oily stains, gum and adhesives. This formula also rinses easily with water, so it won’t leave an oily solvent residue on the carpet.

The INO bio 12 Calcium Remover-Cleaner is a biotechnological product specially formulated to clear and remove winter de-icing deposits on floors and carpets. With a neutral pH, it does not damage floor finishes, marble, terrazzo, carpet color and fabric or any other floor covering. It can be safely used on aluminum doors and other metallic surfaces and structures. The solution doss not produce toxic vapors of any kind and it is non corrosive for skin, respecting standard #404 of the ŒCD. The product surpasses all international environmental accreditation agencies standards and is approved as credits towards a LEED or Go Green certification.

INO fiber 11 eliminates quickly foam and moss in your recovery system extractor steamer or hot water. Foam rarely triggers the float mechanism and when allowed to penetrate vacuum cleaner, motes will considerably reduce their life.

INO fiber 6 is especially formulated for use in all hot water extractors. Powerful all-in-one solution for cleaning carpets in one step: Cleaner, conditioner, anti-foam, deodorizer and odor neutralizer all in one product.

This fabric and textile cleaner and spotter is a biotechnological cleaner and degreaser with odor control. The product leaves a useful and long-lasting bacterial flora in carpets and fabrics that continues to biodegrade organic matter and eliminate odors after the cleaning procedures. It can be ideal for carpet maintenance between deep cleanings when using the Spray and Vacuum method. The product surpasses all international environmental accreditation agencies’ standards and is approved as credits towards a LEED or Go Green certification.

This product is recommended for removing stubborn stains and heavy dirt accumulation before cleaning carpets.