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With dual main brooms, dual side brooms, and a 26 inch wide sweeping path, the SW 26 manual sweeper offers outstanding sweeping performance, picking up debris from fine sand to larger trash such as crumpled paper and empty plastic beverage bottles.

Our proven canister is compact, powerful and features teleSCopic metal wands to reach those difficult cleaning locations and available HEPA filtration make this the perfect detail cleaner.

Other Great Features:

  • 10 Amps of Power
  • Disposable Dust Bag System
  • 20' Power Cord

Ideal for hard-to-reach places, the backpack vacuum is all about versatility. This CRI Seal of Approval certified model is well-equipped with a wide assortment of attachments for carpet and bare floor cleaning. CRI Seal of Approval - LEED Compliant

Other great features:

  • 11.5 Amps of Power
  • Disposable Dust Bag System
  • 50' Power Cord

CRI Approved Upright Vacuum by Sanitaire. This compact, two-motor upright allows you to shut off the motorized brush roll to move from carpet to bare floor cleaning. For convenient transportation and storage, this CRI Seal of Approval certified model features a folding handle.

Other Great Featues:

  • 6.5 Amps of Power
  • Disposable Dust Bag System
  • 30' Power Cord

Shake Out Bag Upright Vacuum by Sanitaire. This unit's easy maintenance features makes cleaning convenient. With a 7 amp motor and Quick Kleen fan chamber, this model is a smart choice for commercial cleaning tasks.

Other Great Featues:

  • 7 Amps of Power
  • Shake-Out Bag System
  • 50' Power Cord

This unit's 16-inch cleaning path and easy maintenance features deliver a speedy clean. With a Quick Kleen fan chamber and its shake-out bag system, this vacuum is a top performer.

Other Great Featues:

  • 7 Amps of Power
  • Shake-Out Bag System
  • 50' Power Cord

Dual Motor Hepa Upright Vacuum by Sanitaire. Durable, versatile, easy-to-use and easy to maintain, This two-motor system with its convenient attachments make carpet, bare floor and above-the-floor cleaning effortless.

Other Great Benefits:

  • 11.5 amps of power
  • Disposable dust bag system
  • 50' quick change power cord

Small walk behind sweeper perfect for cleaning both hard and soft floors:

  • Maneuver easily around equipment or displays with the compact, cordless Scout 24 sweeper
  • Quiet 61 dBA sound level for anytime cleaning
  • Simple controls placed in the handle for easy adjustments during sweeping
  • Move easily from carpet to hard floors and back
  • Effectively clean on a variety of floor surfaces with the Scout 24’s automatic brush adjustment
  • Large-capacity debris hopper (1.25 ft3 / 35 L) is easy to remove and empty
  • Wide 24 in / 610 mm cleaning path and adjustable handle for operator comfort

Give your floors a professional look with the easy-to-use Scout 28 Sweeper:

  • Clean indoors and outdoors, over hard floors or carpet, with the versatile, battery-powered Scout 28
  • Clean anytime, even during hours of operation, with the cordless, quiet Scout 28
  • Straightforward sweeping with the Scout 28’s easy-to-maneuver design, clean sight lines, and side brush
  • 12-volt sealed gel battery standard can reduce the risks of leakage common with other batteries
  • Convenient on-board charger helps you quickly and easily recharge the battery wherever there is an electrical outlet
  • 65 dBA sound level for quiet sweeping

Attention to detail on the SUMMIT® line of tank vacuums is unmatched anywhere. Convenience, durability, performance, power, and easy operation and storage make the SUMMIT® Wet/Dry Vacuum a clear choice. Front mount squeegee models are also available in the 13 and 20 gallon tank sizes. The unique tip and pour feature is an added benefit to the 13 and 20 gallon models. Powerful 2 stage vacuum motor (option)HEPA available

Small, lightweight sweeper for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Clean hard-to-reach spaces like curbs, corners, and crevices with the handy side broom
  • Simplify removal, carrying and emptying the hopper with convenient grip handle on hopper
  • With a push force below 5 lb / 2.3 kg, this sweeper delivers great cleaning with little effort

Key machine features of the SW-27P indoor outdoor push sweeper:

  • 27 in / 69 cm sweeping width offers high productivity in a small machine
  • High density polyethylene hopper made to resist dents and cracks for durability and longer machine life
  • Longer bristle wear makes the SW-27P perfect for different surfaces, both inside and outside

Designed to clean both carpeted and hard floor surfaces, helping improve indoor air quality in your environment:

  • Small size and flexibility cleans in tight spaces
  • Easy one-hand transport with unique handle
  • Low center of gravity and ideal hose connection to help reduce tipping problems when moving from hard to soft floors
  • HEPA filtration system traps small dust particles, which can improve indoor air quality
  • 65 dBA sound level for quiet vacuuming

Tidy Vac accessories:

  • 12 in / 30 cm combination hard / soft floor tool
  • three-piece wand
  • crevice tool
  • upholstery tool
  • bristled dusting brush