Immaculate Supplies


30" Propane Stripping Machine by Betco. Betco provides the most productive stripping machines available today. Built with a tough steel frame and a reliable 603cc Kawasaki V-Twin engine, this propane powered machine provides the performance and durability required to quickly handle large areas and excessive finish build ups.

Clarke's BOS-18 Orbital Floor Machine was designed to scrub and strip floors using orbital technology in small areas. This BOS-18 is a versatile, orbital floor machine that is very aggressive and easy to use by eliminating side-to-side torque as with a conventional disc floor machine. Chemical-free stripping 4 gallon solution tank.

Get a durable design and high gloss floors with the BR-1600-NDC High Speed Floor Burnisher:

  • Get shiny floors on a variety of finished surfaces with 1,600 rpm in working position
  • Depend on this high speed floor burnisher's durable, industrial, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction
  • Ensure easy and comfortable machine operation with the burnisher’s floating handle

Key machine features of the BR-1600-NDC High Speed Floor Burnisher:

  • Floating handle design increases operator comfort during use
  • 70 dBA sound level and low vibration for quiet cleaning and operator comfort
  • Low-profile base easily maneuvers around furniture, radiators, and toe kicks

Give your floor a high gloss finish with the Nobles high speed, dust control burnisher:

  • Polish uneven floors with the BR 2000 DC high speed floor burnisher's patented free-floating head that contours to your surface
  • Reduce machine training time with easy to use burnisher controls
  • Maintain high indoor air quality and reduce airborne dust during cleaning with standard dust control

Key machine features of the BR-2000-DC High Speed Floor Burnisher with Dust Control:

  • Powerful 2,000 rpm pad rotation for excellent gloss results
  • 15-45 lb / 7-20 kg variable pressure to give your floors a smooth, even finish
  • 66 dBA sound level and low vibration for anytime cleaning and operator comfort

Whether scrubbing, screening, grinding, or bonnet cleaning, the CFP line of floor machines will fit every application need. The Clarke® CFP™ Floor Polishers are unmatched in features at value pricing. Available in 17” and 20” models. Available with 1 hp or 1.5 hp dual capacitor, high performance motors.

Nobles' multi-purpose Floor Machines strip, scrub, and polish floors:

  • Count on years of performance from these durable polyethylene based Floor Machines
  • Achieve specialized cleaning performance with either single speed (SS) or dual speed (DS)
  • Have the flexibility to strip, scrub, and polish hard floors with these multi-purpose Floor Machines

Key machine features of the FM-17-SS, FM-20-SS & FM-20-DS Floor Machines:

  • 1.5 hp / 1.12 kW motor provides outstanding cleaning and maintenance with a heavy duty design
  • Easy-to-use twist grip operation with safety lock standard that helps protect operators and your environment
  • 60 dBA sound level on FM-17-SS and FM-20-SS models for quiet, convenient operation

21", 24", 27" Propane Burnishers by Betco. The industry standard for quality, Betco propane burnishers deliver the high performance needed to maintain high speed floor finishes in large area applications.

Featuring the finest in emissions and dust control technologies, Clarke® propane burnishers are built with a powerful Kawasaki engine. Since the acquisition of the A.L.Cook Co. in 1995, Clarke® continues to build on a strong tradition of excellence in propane floor care equipment. Available catalytic converters, centrifugal clutches and Clarke’s “carb guard” system make these machines very safe and reliable for your application. Models available in 17" or 21", 13hp or 17 hp, with or without dust control.

  • Very safe
  • Very reliable
  • Finest in emissions and dust control technologies
  • The propane burnisher is available in a 21” or 27” width with a 13 HP; a 17 HP is also available for the 27" width

The Speed Scrub 24-32 Scrubber is versatile and easy to use:

  • Choose from two drive options: Pad-Assist (Speed Gleam Floor Burnisher) or Self-Propelled (Speed Gleam Plus)
  • Get a consistent shine on uneven surfaces with 45 lb / 20 kg pad pressure and floating head design
  • Improve indoor air quality during machine operation with standard dust control feature
  • 2000 rpm in working position for high shine on a variety of finished floors
  • 20 in / 510 mm burnishing path for maximum floor coverage
  • Filter bag provides 98 percent filtration at 0.1 micron, for a safe, healthy environment

The new line of Ultra Speed® Burnishers are ideal for use in hospitals, schools and areas requiring dust-free, quiet operation. This new line produces brilliant high-gloss shine with minimal effort. The self-adjusting pad pressure assures that optimal power is applied to the pad driver without the need to change any settings. The Ultra Speed® Burnishers are offered in standard models 1500rpm or in dust control models (DC) 1500 and 2000rpm. The dust control (DC) models are Clarke Green Certified.