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Carpet Extractors

Hot water extractors by Nilfisk Advance/Clarke*. The BEXT® extractors complement Clarke’s extraction line by providing portable, heated, box extraction equipment. BEXT® extractors are designed to be easy to use, productive, quiet, and portable. These extractors have benefits and features available in no other portable extraction equipment on the market today. In-line heat exchanger (option) Heat increases effectiveness up to 40% Large capacity tank, up to 13 gallon (49 L)

The new BextSpot is your complete compact spotting kit. Perfect to make quick work for carpet and upholstery spot cleaning tasks.Large 2.5 gallon recovery tank,55 PSI solution spray,Available in standard or deluxe model,Deluxe includes handles, chemicals, wand and hoses

The EX-CAN-15 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractors are durable, easy to use, and versatile, with standard tools and pressure options:

  • Meet your needs with two deep cleaning options – low pressure extraction or high pressure cleaning with heat
  • Rely on these extractors’ durable design, including a polyethylene body construction for years of consistent cleaning performance
  • Transport, maneuver and clean easily with a straightforward, simple design with easy-to-access tank

Key machine features of the EX-CAN-15-HPH and EX-CAN-15-LP Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractors:

  • 15 gal / 56.7 L solution tank capacity and 19 gal / 71.9 L recovery tank capacity for fewer fills / empties when cleaning
  • Choose from a 100 psi low pressure extractor or adjustable 0-250 psi pressure extractor with heat
  • Standard wand tools, including wand shoe, vacuum hose, and solution hose provide versatility and complete carpet care

The EX-SC-1020P Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor is the affordable, pushing extractor for increased productivity:

  • Improve operator comfort with manual push-forward design when cleaning
  • Rely on the durable polyethylene body construction to withstand the demands of everyday extraction and years of consistent cleaning performance
  • Experience Tennant quality cleaning and the convenience of a forward-push carpet extractor while maintaining your budget
  • 10 gal / 38 L solution tank
  • 14.5 gal / 55 L recovery tank

Key machine features of the EX-SC-1020P Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor:

  • Five uniformly dispersing spray jets pumped at 100 psi / 6.9 bar provide a consistent cleaning experience
  • Three-stage vacuum motor and vigorous brush head agitating at 1,000 rpm powerfully cleans your carpets
  • Optional tools to customize the EX-SC-1020P Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor, including wands, hand tools, solution and recovery hoses, and more

The EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor cleans small areas and fits under furniture for a more complete clean:

  • Clean under desks and counters with low profile body design, perfect for small areas
  • Ensure a customized cleaning experience every time with adjustable brush pressure
  • Rely on the durable polyethylene body construction to withstand the demands of everyday extraction and years of consistent cleaning performance
  • 7 gal / 26 L solution and recovery tank

Key machine features of the EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-move machine design to increase productivity
  • Multiple spray jets evenly disperse solution on carpet and easily twist off for rinsing
  • Optional tools are available to fulfill your personal cleaning needs, include a hand tool, upholstery tool, floor tools, vacuum hose, and solutions hose extension

Choose the scrubbing technology for your Nobles scrubber:

  • ec-H2O Chemical-free Scrubbing Technology
  • FaST – Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology

The EX-SPOT-2 Portable Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor goes where you need it and provides powerful spot cleaning:

  • Spot clean almost anywhere with this portable, lightweight carpet extractor for small cleaning jobs on carpet, upholstery, auto detailing, and many other applications
  • Easily fill / empty the spotter in multiple locations such as sinks, tubs, and others
  • Clean up small spills on carpeting without cleaning and treating the entire room

Key machine features of the EX-SPOT-2 Portable Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor:

  • Durable metal hand tools and optional metal floor tool resist damage and are more durable than competitors’ plastic counterparts
  • Optional rolling cart and chemical kit mean you can have everything you need at your fingertips for cleaning applications
  • 8 ft / 2.4 m solution hose for extended reach and added flexibility

For larger carpet cleaning jobs turn to this powerful canister. With a 12" wand and 15' hose combined with 150 psi of water pressure, this machine cleans entire rooms in no time.

  • 3 Stage Motor
  • 137" Water Lift
  • 9 gallon Tank Capacity


SC608012" cleaning path

The Nobles Strive Compact Interim Carpet Extractor cleans small areas quickly with Tennant’s ReadySpace technology:

  • Increase convenience with forward and reverse cleaning
  • Lift-off solution and recovery tanks can be filled and emptied almost anywhere – under most faucets, sinks, and drains
  • Clean in hard-to-reach areas with the Strive Compact’s small size and optional tools
  • Quiet, anytime cleaning with 69 dBA sound level
  • Tough construction with corrosion-resistant, cast aluminum frame, and durable polyethelyne rotomold tanks
  • Insta-Adjust™ handle increases operator comfort and folds down for convenient storage


  • Wand and hand tool attachment

Choose the carpet care technology for your Nobles Extractor:

  • ReadySpace