Immaculate Supplies

Toilet Brushes & Caddy

The Acrylan fiber bowl swab can be used safely with acid and is angled to reach under bowl rims. The fibers release liquid quickly to reduce dripping.

Compatible items: ATL-910 (Caddy)

Acrylan toilet bowl swabs are specifically designed to be used with acid bowl cleaners. The material of the swab releases liquid quickly to eliminate dripping and splashing. These bowl swabs feature a cone-shaped hood that slides down the handle to cover the acid-covered swab after use, allowing the user to wring it safely.

A white plastic bowl brush caddy sits sturdily on a wide base with non-skid bottom, for convenient storage of our round bowl brush.

Compatible items: Brushes for toilets: ATL-25 ATL-823

This white plastic caddy safely stores our Acrylan bowl swabs and also has an adjustable holder for storage of the bottle of cleaning chemical. Workers don't need to directly touch an acid-filled or dirty swab to transport it or store it, decreasing the chance of chemical or bacterial exposure and increasing worker safety.

Swab caddy is specifically designed to store or carry Acrylan swabs and a bottle of solution.

Compatible item: Brushes for toilets: ATL-908 ATL-906

The round design of this brush allows you to reach in and around the bowl with ease. Constructed with medium stiff, acid resistant fibers. If using acid cleaners we recommend CSA approved safety eyewear and gloves

Compatibles items: ATL-816 (caddy)

The Turks head bowl brush is made from aggressive polypropylene bristles in a sanitary poly foam block.

Compatible items: ATL-816 (caddy)