Immaculate Supplies

Porcelain, Ceramic, Chrome Cleaners

DRAIN FLUSH keeps drains clean and free flowing. It quickly dissolves organic obstruction and is fully inhibited to prevent corrosion.

Bowl, urinal and porcelain cleaner.

This cleaner is a unique formulation designed to effectively and effortlessly clean bowls, urinals and porcelain sinks. It has a mild acid base that makes it an all-purpose cleaner for porcelain and tile.

Daily use Elite washroom cleaner (Acid-Free). This formula is an acid-free restroom, bowl and urinal cleaner. It is a pleasantly fragranced ready-to-use thick lotion. It contains emulsifiers, which are designed to remove soil and eliminate odour from bathroom fixtures and surrounding areas. It clings to vertical surfaces resulting in improved cleaning action.

This bowl cleaner is a blend of acid and surfactant working in concert to remove hard mineral deposits through chemical action. Heavy duty cleaner ideally made for weekly use to remove stains and other soil from porcelain urinals and toilet bowls.

This biotechnological cleaner and descaler is ideal for toilets, urinals, sinks, bathtubs, faucets, chrome, stainless steel, showers, ceramic, drinking fountains, etc. It eliminates and prevents limestone accumulations and descales while eliminating bad odors. In addition, this daily-use descaler leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. It can easily replace many chemical products like bowl cleaners, faucet descalers, cream cleansers, shower cleaners, etc.

This product is a biotechnological bathroom cleaner with odour control. It deep cleans quickly and eliminates urine and fecal matter odors in restrooms. Its formula leaves a useful and long-lasting bacterial flora that continues to biodegrade urine and eliminates odours after the cleaning procedures. It can be used on urinals, toilets, sinks, chromes, glass, mirrors, counters, baths, showers, walls, etc. The product surpasses all international environmental accreditation agencies’ standards and is approved as credits towards a LEED or Go Green certification.

This washroom cleaner is used for keeping basins, bowls, showers and washroom fixtures clean and fresh in one easy step. It will not damage any washable surfaces and will leave fixtures sparkling clean without rinsing. The INO eko washroom cleaner removes soap films and make-up residues and also prevents hard water build-ups. With ecological certification, it is the logical choice for Health and Safety and is preferable for the environment. To conserve energy, dilute with cold water.

This thickened, 9% hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaner contains detergents and compounds that quickly remove rust, scale, and hard water mineral deposits. Because it clings to vertical surfaces, it provides more contact time for better cleaning action than thin formulations.

This toilet bowl cleaner is a pure white, stable emulsion, containing 23% hydrogen chloride. Carefully formulated with added detergents, it will quickly remove even the most stubborn rust, scale and mineral deposits from toilet bowls and urinals. Ideal for hard water areas. It cleans and descales in one easy step.

Phosphoric acid, detergents, wetting agents unite to quickly remove hard water mineral deposits, scale, rust, soap scum and filth from restroom surfaces. All surfaces are left smelling clean. Will not attack chrome or carpeting like other acid cleaners. Safe on porcelain. This formulation is inhibited to protect plumbing and all metallic surfaces and will not harm septic tank action.

This bathroom cleaner has been specifically formulated to remove stubborn soap scum and hard water deposits.